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59 banned apps in India and Here are some alternatives apps

The Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps from the Play Store and App Store. And they also include some really popular apps, now these apps are banned as per press release. And if you are searching for an alternative for those apps. Don’t worry, here are some great options for these banned apps. Which is mentioned below?

banned apps

“Cam Scanner” can be replaced with “Adobe Scan and Microsoft Office”.

CamScanner was one of the best and popular applications. Easy to create PDF, scan documents, CamScanner. Very few people use it. And here are some options that you can use. So Google Drive has a simple scan feature that many people are not aware of and has both Adobe scan and Microsoft Office lenses. Which are feature-packed like camera banners. Now Adobe Scan is something we like because we like the fact that it can detect a document. Whether the ID card is being scanned or saved or in the whiteboard or in your normal documents. The different editing tools are OCR support and scanned images with no watermark.

“UC Browser” can be replaced by “Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Chrome”

You are not using these browsers anyway, but if the browser you are using is Firefox. We know Sleeve has Chrome as well, but we recommend Firefox for its privacy-focused approach. First of all, Firefox brings a clean and lively experience unlike UC Browser and as we said it focuses on privacy and security, that means it blocks a lot of trackers automatically so it’s great And it has all the cool features such as the View tab really safe private browsing, etc. So Firefox is basically a great choice for any browser.

“Share it and Xender” can be replaced with “Snap drop”

Share this and Xender is another popular app in this completely banned list. But of late they especially share it as spam and bloat, now use it in person. Xender is used to transfer files from our phone to our PC, but offline we use some Very cool and really easy called snap drop. It is a web-based service, so it works on basically any platform, so I want to send files from my phone to my Mac. So that I can open Snap Drop Dot Net on both devices on any browser. We like the fact that Snap Drop is open-source and just cleans up all the wrong ones. I use Snap Drop for phone for PC file transfer. But you can also use files by Google if you want to send files.

“Tik Tok” can be replaced with “Spark”

You can use it because there is a trailer from a California company and it’s already a very popular rap, I mean we’ve tried the app and it doesn’t take any unnecessary permissions and it shows many celebrities on the platform It is good if the video came to post. Apart from that, it brings tectonic features as you can see that you can make music videos and have different tracks to choose from like Tik Tok and you also get the facility where you can collaborate with other users. Now apart from Tinder, I have also tried India based apps like Spark. But I personally suggest that you should not use this type of application, which is just designed to waste your valuable time.

“Viva Video” can be replaced with “Kine Master”

This is an app that was banned for spying on Indian users back in 2017, so it is clearly a kind of shady but some great video editing app. Now you can use it on Android if you want the same port in the UI or similar device. As you get Viva video, or you can use the kind of master which is more feature-packed. It means that all video editing tools like a multi-device timeline have got features like various textile effects transactions, so yes I think you should be fine with kine master.

“Helo” can be replaced by “share chat”

Social media app that became really popular in India due to native language support. It is also banned and you can use share chat instead which also brings similar share chat. It is app-based outside India. And it provides content in 15 regional languages ​​which are great I mean there is no English support.

“Du screen reader” can be replaced with “screen recorder”

Du Recorder is a screen recorder lab which is quite popular. But now it is banned but you don’t really need to worry as there are so many great screen recording apps on the Play Store. Our recommendation is that the screen recorder is not an advertisement. Yes, the painting is simply first of all ad-free as if the name is a screen recorder. And it provides all the features support for different resolutions. An Android 10 device for different frame rates and parental audio recording which is awesome. If you want to record a gaming session then this is a simple great option that is just for your recorder Works in comparison.

“Vault” can be replaced by “keep safe”

The hide is a photo and video header app that was recently flagged for its privacy issues and now it has deteriorated that there are plenty of options to hide photos and videos but one app we love is “keep safe”. It uses the same protocol used in many banking apps and is an app that lets you protect or hide the application with document videos and photos. It also has great features such as step-down encrypted backup trash recovery and breaks alerts, so it kind of brings whatever you need.


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