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How to make money online using WhatsApp

Hey, today we are going to share some of the best strategies for getting earned money with the very popular social media application is WhatsApp, using these tips you can make money with WhatsApp easily.


See, there are no direct options or services of WhatsApp, where you can make money directly from WhatsApp. So we are going to share some great ideas, using which you will be able to earn money with WhatsApp. as we all know social media becomes very popular and powerful tools. so you can use this application as a marketing tool where you can share some of the affiliate links, pay per download link,  paid short link, or you can market your own products and services

sharing Short-links or affiliate link

Earning money by sharing a short link is best for earning money with WhatsApp. So today we are going to share how you can make some real cash using WhatsApp application. So basically this method is about sharing short links and affiliate link services. Whenever it comes to this method, it is about using all paid URL shortening services such as short usage short audacity and it is legitimate that you shorten service with better links Can get. The user will be paid a fixed amount by getting click on shared links.


You will basically get paid for a click whenever someone clicks on a link you what you have shared on WhatsApp. They don’t need to sign up for anything, they don’t have to buy anything that they need to do is click on your link. The first thing you have to do is, find a well-rewarded short service or affiliate program. earning more with the WhatsApp you can create relevant groups in WhatsApp such as pointing images and funny video training news or similar and share these links. Another great idea is to create a broadcast list and link to more than one contact at a time. Sharing should be the main objective To increase clicks.

ClickBank:  Affiliate Marketplace

here is another way to make money online using WhatsApp. so we are going to explain How can you make a lot of money using WhatsApp? let’s get started.


All you need to have is a smartphone, installed WhatsApp application into your phones, and access to the working Internet. The way you will receive money, you will either need an address where a person or company can send a check, or you need a bank account where the company will send money to your bank account, and What do you want Do is you have to sign up in Clickbank (https://www.clickbank.com/) ,  for create your account you just click on Create a new account right, and your account will be created with clickbank.com. Now the next thing you will do, you have to go to the section which is called the affiliate market. After creating an account you will go here and you will click on it and you will be able to promote the products.

So it is called an affiliate network. And this is a way that you can earn commissions without really knowing how to support any product, or actually owning the product, or shipping anything, or knowing any technical skills. it runs out of links and you send those links to people using WhatsApp. per click, you will be paid some commission by the click bank program.

Market your own products or skills

The best way to earn money with WhatsApp. As mentioned, social media becomes a powerful marketing tool on the Internet. You can directly connect your customer to services using social media. And the best use of social media applications is that you can sell your products and services. You can do your market with your services like photo editing, video editing, graphics design, content writing, or cooking, and more.


Apart from these, you can sell your own design accessories such as smartphone covers, unique design clothes, and handmade accessories, and more. As we all know Whatsapp is a very popular tool and almost everyone is using it. So it is the best tool for you to start your services and sell goods. another way of WhatsApp you can share your youtube channels link or website links to your story. you will definitely be able to drive traffic to your site using WhatsApp.


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