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India-china border dispute

Let’s know about the ongoing border tension between India and China. This is an important issue which is not discussed much in our TV news channels, why this is happening.


How much area has been occupied by the Chinese government,   and what is the reason behind it? The Government of India has not yet answered these questions, the Government of India has not given any clear answer to these questions, but there are some reports and some sources of retired military officers on the basis of which we would like to know! in this article, we will try to cover possible answers as much as we can to these questions.

Let’s taken an example – you would know that the border between Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and India is called the Line of Control (LOC), but the border between Chinese-occupied Ladakh and India is called the Line of Actual Control (LAC). It is called,  LAC is the line between Aksai Chin and India, and LOC is the line between PoK and India (clearly defined in the map). There are some major differences between LOC and LAC, it is very clearly defined that both countries (Pakistan and India) would know exactly where the border is. The LAC line is not clearly defined, there is a term in the English language that is – delimited. Therefore LOC is demarcated while LAC is not clearly defined, both government have just different perceptions.

Both countries (India and China) claim that LAC is at different locations. The two countries have different perceptions about where the LAC actually is. And due to the different claims of the two countries, there is an overlapping area between them as you can see in this picture mentioned below

This is a wonderful picture made in an article by NewsLaundry . The Indian territory is represented by the blue undivided region, which is also an Indian denomination, and the Chinese territory marked in red. The Indian claim line is the blue dotted line and the Chinese claim line is the red dotted line.


this gray area is Pangong Lake in Ladakh, After that, the length of the gray area is only 10 kilometers.And no one lives there. Prior to the development of this position, there were no posts of the Indian Army or the Chinese Army. Both Indian and Chinese military patrolled only that area and because of this, there were skirmishes and conflicts between the two armies while on patroling, which you may have also heard about – these conflicts happen again every 2-3 years between the two armies and the reason for these gray areas One army was patrolling the other simultaneously, the other was already patrolling, then one army was writing on the banner telling the other that they were persecuting their territory and would request them to return, Whenever this happens, the media on both sides report the intrusion of the Indian / Chinese army on their land as if these things are recurring. But the situation today is more serious than these regular and minor skirmishes.

The ongoing conflict from today is believed to have started on 5 May and was first reported by the Economic Times on 12 May. This whole situation is happening in Pangong Lake – there is a lake in Ladakh.  about 60% of the lake falls within the Chinese occupied area and the Line of Actual Control passes through this lake. If you look at the map, there are raised nooks on the northern shore of Pangong Lake.


The shape of the lake is such that these pointed edges are called “fingers” of the lake, starting from the left/west side, these fingers are named Finger 1, Finger 2, Finger 3 and so on. It is located in the LAC Finger 8 area. China claims that LAC is located in the Finger 2 region. The gray area we talked about earlier is on the map between finger 2 and finger 8. It was said on 4-5 May that the army had reached Finger 5 while patrolling China and this led to the conflict.


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