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Social Media Marketing Tools: Top 3 ways to drive traffic to your website

Welcome to another article for technology geeks. In this article, We are going to share with you top social media marketing tools to drive traffic to your site. And some best features of the social media marketing tools. We also goanna cover some best techniques to engage your customer using LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.


LinkedIn is the fastest growing platform on the internet today. Also, LinkedIn is having a total number of users is over 675 million.

LinkedIn is easy to use to manage tools. the company can engage its customer with its services through LinkedIn. linked is designed for to content consumer to the product.  LinkedIn is the best platform for marketing any product and services. You can target your audience and engage them in your services.

LinkedIn is the best option to drive traffic to your site and the best part of LinkedIn is you can mention the site link or any URL to your LinkedIn profile. And this is the simplest way to drive traffic to your blog or site. LinkedIn is the best marketing tool because it has 675 million users worldwide.

How to drive traffic to your site


How to engage your audience with your services using LinkedIn

  1. Daily post
  2. Share Product sample/services sample
  3. Share Benefits of services by post
  4. Target your competitors
  5. Share a new update about services
  6. as blogger share article as a post

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Instagram is a popular social media tool on the internet.  but today its most used for market products and services to the audience. And its most popular social media marketing tools. Instagram made it easy to engage your customer . you can discuss with your customer directly on Instagram.

Instagram is easy to handle tools.  As shown in the picture you can market your services and a product like this.


How to use Instagram to engage your customer

First, convert your ordinary Instagram tools to Instagram business tools. Now mention your website link in the bio section.  And post daily to be engaged with your audience.

Use the QNA feature on Instagram feeds to know about the needs of your consumer. And post a daily story about your updated product and services.

The best way to generate traffic form Instagram mentions the site URL in the Instagram account Bio. Make your Instagram account Bio more attractive to bring the customer attention to your accounts. Instagram Bio is the first impression of your services.


Twitter was launched on 15 July 2006.  since it launched it become very popular worldwide. Billions of people are using to sharing their opinion and thoughts. Generally, people love to share top highlight news and meme on the worldwide issue.

Twitter has 300 million active users on the internet today.

Twitter ecosystem gives the right opportunity to target its right audience. So you have to create useful and relevant content of your services and post them on Twitter.  Post engaging content on your Twitter for bringing the attraction of your audience to your services.

Twitter is the best platform to reach & connect with your target audience. So that every business owner has been using twitter to grow their business.  Using twitter you can market your product and services and when customers get attracted by your services they will visit your site.

Post daily updates about your services and the update about new product details as shown in the picture.  Mention your site URL link with your post-show that your customer may able to reach your site by just one tap.



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